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Yoga is supposed to be practiced for health and relaxation, but honestly, I have noticed that many people who practice it have this self-righteous demeanor about them. A little part of me has always wanted to give a yoga class a shot, but the idea of it scared me. You see these guys and gals posting on social media how great their handstands are and how tight their glutes are – and the thought of displaying my not-so-great skills off in a group class was a nightmare. Woah did that change when I met Katelyn Grady, one of the awesome owners of The Body Electric Yoga Company located at 685 30th Avenue North in Saint Petersburg, Florida. ( 727-490-9361)

Katelyn Grady, one of the owners of Body Electric in Downtown St. Pete
Katelyn Grady, one of the owners of Body Electric in Downtown St. Pete

Katelyn Grady and Jenny Miller opened Body Electric in March of 2013 after they met just a few years prior at a yoga event in Orlando. The two clicked quickly, began a business plan for a studio, and fell in love somewhere between it all. (I’ll get to more about them later – wait until you see their baby!) Actually, their yoga stories are a bit different: Katelyn was always a bit of a hippie and into the spiritual side of life, (ask her about when she taught a yoga class in high school!) while Jenny was the sweaty-angry type in the yoga classes. Somewhere down the line they both began teaching, and the rest is pretty much history.

Perhaps Grady and Miller are spellbinding yogis, or just have a space with great energy, but as soon as I walked in, I felt at home. (I am almost certain you will want to kick off your shoes too and feel the plush carpet beneath your toes in the lobby.) The studio space itself is big, bold, and beautiful with high ceilings and minimal décor to not cover the gorgeous brick walls. (Have you ever been to historic venue NOVA 535 a few blocks away? Body Electric has simplistic beauty just like St. Pete’s favorite event space.)

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Okay, aesthetics of the place aside. When I had the chance to say good morning to Katelyn at her 9am power flow class on a Monday, she welcomed me with open arms and I realized that this place truly has no judgments. Before class began, I whispered to her that I was terrified because it was completely new to me. Without skipping a beat, she assured me not to be and told me that they have fun in class. Let me tell you this, she was telling the truth!

Class commenced in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Some students were highly skilled and bendy, while others were still working on technique. One thing is for certain – we were all there to breathe and be present. (Okay, there was a moment where the actual exercises were totally kicking my rear-end, but it felt wonderful to sweat out the stresses of life in such a delightful setting.) Katelyn Grady is an entertaining instructor to say the least. Yes, she walks around the room to make sure all of her pupils are focusing on form and doing what is best for their body, but she also has a certain humor about her that makes yoga a bit more appealing to us all. After attending her class, I have a completely different view on yogis – they are not all smug and balance on their head twenty-four hours a day! I learned that individuals who practice this spiritual discipline are simply conditioning themselves to be present and that is something I love! (Thanks for changing my views Katelyn – and allow me to apologize for believing a bit in stereotypes at the beginning of my experience!)

What does all of this actually mean to you? If you are new to yoga and looking for a great workout or have practiced for years – The Body Electric Yoga Company in St. Pete is the studio for you. They offer a wide range of classes from power flow, prenatal, paddleboard, hot flow, and so many other types to choose from, you will certainly find the right class for your schedule and mood.


The owners had a longing for created a place where they wanted to be a part of, that they were proud of, and that they wanted to practice at and hang out in. Body Electric has an energy that brings likeminded people together and it is incredibly sacred to everyone involved. It truly is a special place.

Okay, so back to the owners Katelyn Grady and Jenny Miller. These two women have an extraordinary balance of work and family life. Katelyn handles the finances of the businesses while Jenny takes care of the marketing, but they both teach and take one-another’s classes. The sweethearts have found harmony within their life and are now proud mamas to a six-month-old heartthrob, Harlan Grady Miller. Katelyn said that it is a blessing to be able to work from home and always be with the little one and that she and Jenny make a great team.


The smiling faces of the Grady-Miller family!
The smiling faces of the Grady-Miller family!

“We effortlessly found balance!” Katelyn continued as she spoke about her growing and adorable little family.

Finding balance is definitely something that she does both at the studio and at home. However, she also manages to juggle her rock-climbing passion while playing mommy, partner, and business owner. (Is there anything she can’t do? Seriously, this woman is rad!) She manifested the opportunity to climb and practice bouldering in Thailand, France, and other parts of the globe. (Bouldering is a type of climbing without the use of ropes or harnesses.)

Next time you are looking for a new place to practice yoga, give The Body Electric Yoga Company a whirl – you will be pleased that you did! Say hello to owners Katelyn Grady and Jenny Miller for us. Create a profile on, snap a selfie at Body Electric, and post it onto Downtown Now because we would love to hear from you!


685 30th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33704


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