Big3 Records Presents The Key For Musicians

What is music? For some it may be an escape or a dose of medicine. Music can leave us at ease and even intensify emotions. Most of all, music simply moves us. It moves us physically as we sway to the beat, or mentally as it could change our mood from sad to happy or even to down right wild. Simply put – music is magic. There is an entertainment group in St. Petersburg, Florida, Big3 Entertainment, that is owned by a name we all recognize, Bill Edwards, the local multimillionaire entrepreneur who owns many properties in the area. Recently Edwards did something a little different. He introduced the area to Dan Orlando, a singer/songwriter and pianist who’s enthusiasm for putting on a show is absolutely infatuating.

Dan Orlando performing at NOVA 535 in Downtown St. Pete

Big3 Entertainment is the parent company of Bill Edwards Presents, Inc., Big3 Studios, and Big3 Records – which is how Downtown St. Pete was able to enjoy a live showcase of music that had the entire audience moving and grooving.


On a Friday night at the start of 2016, the amazing community came out to support an artist signed to Big3 Records. The show was held at the historic and stunning event venue NOVA 535. As guests rolled in, the shades of blue that illuminated the rustic brick interior walls created an atmosphere that was warm and dreamy. Pleasant hellos began, laughter whispered through the room, and selfies were being captured all around as guests shared the evening with friends. The attendees included people from all walks of life and different ages, but one thing is for certain – everyone was excited to see the man of the hour and tap their toes to the music.


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage… Dan Orlando!

(I am going to be honest here, I knew the showcase was going to be good, but I did not realize that it was going to knock my socks off!)

The band filtered on stage first with their gray suits and black skinny ties (plus they were all delightfully handsome, so what couldn’t I love about these guys already?!), the back up singers were more than just pretty girls, their smiles truly brought a sparkle to the stage, and of course Dan – well, Dan is the man. Okay, his singing did not drop my jaw to the floor right away, but as soon as he graced the piano keys with his fingers – nothing else seemed to matter (at one point I even forgot I was there to “work,” as I completely got lost in enjoying the music).




Dan Orlando and his band played their rendition of many popular songs that we all love (I had a guest come up to me and say that their version of some of these songs were much better than the original!) and even put together a groovy 70s medley where each member had a singing solo.

Dan’s original music is what pleasantly surprised me. He is classified as a pop artist, but all sorts of people can enjoy his tunes as everyone in the audience was dancing to the beats.

There are many up and coming artists (and some who have already become stars) who’s music seems to fall short because there is no passion within the lyrics of the song or it is all put together electronically instead of taking their time with each aspect. However, on Dan Orlando’s website it says, “I believe my generation wants to hear music that took time, effort and has talent and grit. I feel like we’ve created something with real depth.” He is correct – we do and they have!

Downtown St. Pete is incredibly thankful that Bill Edwards, Tom Gribbin and Scott Schecter of Big3 Records (check out their website) brought Dan Orlando and his band and producer, Jason Penneck, to NOVA 535 to share great music and true passion. Keep track of Dan Orlando and follow his journey because with the dedication he has for music and performing, who knows, maybe he will join his idols Elton John and Stevie Wonder one day and become a household name. (Best wishes to the entire crew!)


Bill Edwards founded Big3 Records in 2000 and according to their website,

“Big3 Records has embraced the philosophy that whether reinventing an established artist or developing and introducing new talent to the world, the artist and music comes first. It’s a simple philosophy. Surround the artist with a focused and energized team, feed and support a well thought plan, engage the fans, and spread the music. This simple philosophy, in tandem with the invaluable resource of Big3 Studios has allowed boundaries to be crossed, genres to be transcended, and molds to be broken in the pursuit of quality music for all.”

I am looking forward to see what other artists may begin to emerge through Big3!

Did you know that you could host a gorgeous event at NOVA 535 in Downtown St. Pete just like Bill Edwards did?! The NOVAway is award winning and can cater to any occasion such as weddings, corporate events, film shoots, and more.

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