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DowntownStPete.com guarantees to only share the best of what DTSP has to offer. We have introduced you to the personalities who make up our community, kept you up to date with the 5-star events to attend, and informed you of top-notch local businesses to support. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone created a package that ships the best of the area to you? Well, Downtown St. Pete is now home to a gal who is doing just that. Meet Jamie Doerschuck, the creator of BurgBox. BurgBox is a box that ships directly to you once a month, filled with five awesome products from local artists, businesses and designers. Shopping has never been so easy!

Jamie Doerschuck enjoying an Entrepreneur Social Club meeting at NOVA 535 (held every Thursday)
Jamie Doerschuck enjoying an Entrepreneur Social Club meeting at venue NOVA 535 (held every Thursday night – http://entrepreneursocialclub.com)

Doerschuck, who has a great entrepreneurial mind packed into that 20-year-old body of hers, initially came up with the idea while strolling through the Saturday Morning Market (have you attended the market yet? If not, I advise you do some exploring – it’s huge, biggest in the Southeast in fact!). As we all know, sometimes Florida reaches temperatures that are a little less than bearable and one particular Saturday, Doerschuck’s girlfriend continued (and continued) to point out just how hot it was. This is when her lightbulb went off. It is true: we live in Florida and sometimes the humidity feels like your skin is melting – so, why not have the market come to you?!

BurgBox is a curated monthly package of five locally made goodies. A subscriber can discover everything from clothing, snacks, coffee, crafts, or even music created right here in St. Petersburg. The sky is the limit (or I guess St. Pete is the limit)!

Subscribers enjoyed the first deliver of BurgBox in December of 2015
Subscribers enjoyed the first deliver of BurgBox in December of 2015

“It’s like a Christmas gift to you, except it’s not just limited to December,” Jamie said as she explained the concept to me while sitting outside on a gorgeous sunny day at beautiful Crescent Lake. With geo-located Etsy searches and attending every single market she can find to survey the landscape, Doerschuck is able to find interesting businesses that are getting plenty of attention so that she can share their product with you. However, this merchandise predator also hunts down local brands and artists who aren’t always in the spotlight (but should be) and includes them in BurgBox too!

An added perk to this modern concept is that a portion of each subscription purchased is donated to a local charity. The BurgBox really comes full circle – St. Pete is delivered to your doorstep, local business owners gain exposure, a great organization benefits from it to give back to others, plus it grows as a company itself. Success and a positive idea all around, if you ask me!

The concept is popular in major cities across the globe, but Jamie Doerschuck is the first to bring it to the Sunshine City. (Did I mention this gal is only 20?! Bravo Jamie!) There are a few subscriptions to choose from with varied pricing and no long-term commitment.

“I want to give people a way to invest in their community,” Doerschuck explained. “It’s all the quirky things and artists that make this cool place we live in. I want people to be able to feel like they’re affecting the community. Your favorite artists, your favorite musicians, your community – it’s all about pumping up local!” She is incredibly jazzed up about the idea and honestly, so are we! Head on over to BurgBox and subscribe now!


Join Jamie and other entrepreneurs along with seasoned-professionals and business mentors at Entrepreneur Social Club held every Thursday at beautiful DTSP venue NOVA 535. It is a great group to share your experiences with, learn from, and they also know how to enjoy themselves (“Social Club” for Entrepreneurs).

So why don’t you create a profile on DowntownStPete.com and when you receive your first box, post a photo of your favorite item onto Downtown Now to share with other members of our online community. Remember that we only feature the most unique personalities to meet, places to visit, and the best events to attend in DTSP. DowntownStPete.com is becoming your one-stop shop for everything local! We can’t wait for YOU to join us!

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