Wandering Whisk – The Sweetest Kind of Happiness Enjoying life to the fullest is a pretty sweet motto to live by. Be present, laugh often, drink good wine, and darn it – indulge in that dessert you have been craving! Downtown St. Pete is home to a darling baker who believes in perseverance and baking […]

We are on the cusp of the 89th Oscars. The question is.: Who will be thanking the Academy this year? Casey, Ryan, Natalie, Meryl?! You may be a die-hard movie buff who knows the ins and outs of huge box-office hits, indie films and even foreign flicks; perhaps you simply love people watching and seeing […]

Music, like other art forms, acts as a form of expression. Some say that certain genres flirt with distinct moods or emotions, and many will agree that jazz continuously romanticizes the listener with thoughts of an earlier time, whether in their own lifetime, or not. The rhythm of most jazz styles is toe-tappin’ and almost always […]

Suncoast Safe Kids honors City of St. Petersburg employee Florida Suncoast Safe Kids Coalition named Anita Westmoreland as the 2016 Member of the Year. She was honored for her efforts in increasing water safety with area children. Anita Westmoreland pictured above with Charlene Cobb, Suncoast Safe Kids chairperson and Sunstar Paramedics community outreach coordinator.

The SPF15 Podcast Presents: The Creative Buddha Nathan Schwagler – ‎Founding Co-Director, Innovation Labs at The Dali Museum Listen here On the latest episode of SPF15, we sat down with Nathan Schwagler, who we’ve coined as the “Creative Buddha” of the Dali Innovation Labs. Grab some caffeine for this one as we dive deep into […]

What’s happening to the historic architecture in Downtown St. Pete? First Block, also known as the Detroit Block, has a long history dating to the 1888 construction of the Detroit Hotel. The block is located in the heart of DTSP between Central Avenue and 1st Avenue North and between 2nd & 3rd Streets. The block […]

SPF15 (St Pete Florida in 15 minutes) is a funky local podcast featuring some of the most interesting movers and shakers in the area. Kicked off nearly a year ago (2015), host Thomas Paterek peppers artists, entrepreneurs and politicians with deep philosophical questions mixed in with an array of fun and cheeky commentary. Interviewees include […]

A night out to strut on the dance floor, a private party with bobbing heads and cocktails in hand, or a grand occasion where excitement travels through each beat. There is a pilot who guides you through the journey of each of these events. The DJ. He leads the crowd on their quest for enjoyment […]

The latest craze, definition of style, a great look, comfortable feel, wearable art and a distinguishing factor that help identify you in a first impression. Yes, we are talking about fashion. Shakespeare even included the ideology in Hamlet, “For the apparel oft proclaims the man.” There are about forty Fashion Weeks hosted in different cities […]

Choose healthy, feel strong and live happy. To some it may feel like an unobtainable goal or complex idea of living. In actuality, the changes you ought to make are simple and with access to the proper resources, you can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in no time! If you haven’t got a clue where to […]