Crescent Lake Park in beautiful Downtown St. Pete Florida DTSP

Crescent Lake Park and Neighborhood

Crescent Lake Park and Neighborhood is, in my opinion, one of Downtown St. Petersburg’s best neighborhoods to live and to visit. Why? Aside from it’s convenient location right here in downtown St. Pete, it’s a hidden gem full of wildlife. With a historic baseball field (ever hear of Babe Ruth?) and several tennis fields that are even lit after dark, a double dog park (one for big and another for small dogs), a playground with swings and slides and such for families, plus a mile long sidewalk around the perimeter – perfect for joggers, roller bladers, runners and the groups of mommies pushing their strollers. With lots of open green space (the entire park and lake is 54 acres!) Crescent Lake Park is perfect for frisbee, catch, football, picnics and lovers.

According to the City of St. Pete website, Crescent Lake Park is officially located at 1320 5th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida, 33704.

It’s Operating Hours are: Opens 30 minutes before sunrise and closes 30 minutes after sunset. Also check the city’s website for Park – Shelter Rental and Field Rental Information.


Crescent Lake Park is a 56 acre park and lake, bounded by 4th Street and 9th Street North (aka Dr. M. L. King Street North) on the east and west sides and 22nd Avenue north and 12th Avenue North on the north and south sides.

Crescent Lake Park in beautiful Downtown St. Pete Florida DTSP

The playground at Crescent Lake Park is a wonderful way to spend most any day, with or without the kids. Give yourself a 10 minute break and climb on the swings and let go of all of that stress. Watch all of the varies wildlife – turtles, otters, ducks, geese, and, from what I’ve heard from many reliable sources, about 40 different types of birds.

Crescent Lake Park in beautiful Downtown St. Pete Florida DTSP

It’s such an amazing park and neighborhood, it has it’s own excellent website CrescentLake.Net (thanks and all credit due to Phillip W. Byrd) and according to the website ” Crescent Lake lies at the center of our neighborhood, surrounded by the beautiful 56 acre public park. East of the lake is the “Great Banyan Tree”, a living “jungle gym” for generations of our children. It is featured on the neighborhood logo. To the south is Huggins-Stengel Field, a baseball field that was once the Spring Training home for the New York Yankees. Next to it is the neighborhood’s most visible landmark, a 1923 water tower, repainted as a giant salt water aquarium by local muralist, Tom Stovall.   East and west of the park are about 550 residences on streets dotted with stately trees. Some of the streets still have the original brick paving and hex-block sidewalks.  The northern boundary is 22nd Avenue North, a major four lane east-west throughway.  The southern boundary is 9th Avenue North,” since renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Street North, where DTSP favorites like Trip’s Diner, Hook’s Sushi and historic wedding and event venue NOVA 535 Unique Event Space can be found.

Crescent Lake Park in beautiful Downtown St. Pete Florida DTSP Crescent Lake Park in beautiful Downtown St. Pete Florida DTSP

More from the CrescentLake.Net website (thanks again Phillip W. Byrd, please check out this excellent website for much more on Crescent Lake Park) about the History of Crescent Lake Park “A cypress dugout canoe dredged from Crescent Lake in 1924, provided evidence of a Native American presence in the neighborhood. The canoe, now in the Museum of History, is thought to date from the 1500s.   In the 1870s and 1880s, settlers of European origin arrived and put the land to agricultural use, primarily citrus groves. This way of life did not last long. When a streetcar line was built along 9th Street to 34th Avenue in 1914 the groves became valuable suburban property and subdividing began.  The opening of Crescent Lake Park in 1927 heightened the neighborhood’s appeal. The park was the brainchild of master developer Perry Snell, who acquired and held the necessary parcels until the city was able to buy them. Shortly after the park opened, the city built a ballfield for the New York Yankees at the south end, ensuring that national sports figures like Babe Ruth, Lou Gerhig and Joe DiMaggio would join a long list of local business and civic leaders who have been our neighbors.  The neighborhood acquired its final form just before World War II, when palm-lined drives went in alongside the lake. The building boom that gripped St. Petersburg and the nation immediately following that war quickly filled all remaining lots. “

Crescent Lake Park in beautiful Downtown St. Pete Florida DTSP  Crescent Lake Park in beautiful Downtown St. Pete Florida DTSP Crescent Lake Park in beautiful Downtown St. Pete Florida DTSP

What I can tell you is this, I’ve lived in Crescent Lake Neighborhood since 1994 (and was born right here in downtown St. Pete a “few years” before that).  I’ve climbed the massive, magical Banyan tree found on the east side at the end of 15th Avenue. I’ve walked, biked, rollerbladed, and run every inch of the streets and sidewalks. I’ve watched the birds (parrots, storks, hawks, geese, ducks, blue jays, robins, sparrows, cardinals, ibis, seagulls, and many more I cannot identify), have rescued turtles that are about 30″ in diameter from out of the road, laughed as people jump when a harmless black racer scoots by, and always chuckle with the endless “Is there gators in the lake?” questions. Daily I enjoy the sunrise and sunset, and I CHOOSE to live right here in Crescent Lake Park Neighborhood. It is a magical place and if you haven’t visited it yet, do yourself / your family a favor and come on down and enjoy!!

Crescent Lake Park in beautiful Downtown St. Pete Florida DTSP Crescent Lake Park in beautiful Downtown St. Pete Florida DTSP

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