Novaween 10 – A Scary-Good Party

As a first-time guest to Novaween, I was excited to see what all the hype was about for the 10th annual party this year, NOVAween 10. I’d seen pictures from years past and was sure to expect that costumes and décor wouldn’t disappoint, but I have to say… I didn’t quite raise my expectations high enough. The 5 star event venue, Nova 535, is well known for its incredible weddings and large private parties, but a Halloween party was sure to bring some new perspective to it.

-This post was written by one of NOVA’s promotional bunnies, Audrey Jennifer


I walked into the outdoor courtyard with a number of guests who had never even been to this venue yet and the very first thing they mentioned was the massive and beautiful bamboo lining the sides of the courtyard, intertwined with hanging lights and colorful floor lights shining up and through the crevices. They were blown away, and so was I; seeing this place at night never ceases to amaze me. What drew us all in even more,however, was the massive crowd of people sprinkled throughout the courtyard and up high on the balcony overlooking, each completely decked out with creative and intriguing Halloween costumes. We were having so much fun already and we hadn’t been there for more than one minute yet!


After we walked through to get our photo taken by Barry Lively Photos, we were officially feeling like rock stars… really spooky rock stars. So we went with the feeling and walked right inside with our heads held high, ready to have a really good time. The vibe throughout the entire place easily matched how we were feeling, as it was clear that every single guest was full of positive, fun-loving energy, which is something I’m coming to expect upon entering any event held at Nova 535. Something about the way the ambience is presented, including the lighting, the décor, the incredible staff members, and the top shelf drinks, brings each guest to a feeling of immediate enjoyment and relief that they’ve made a great choice in where to spend their time.


Before we really got to dancing (and oh yes, we got to dancing), we made sure to take a quick tour around to see all that Novaween 10 had to offer. There were large animated pictures hanging on the walls in place of the high-end art Nova typically displays that told a spooky story of betrayal and murder, per the spooktacular theme of the night. And right across from the pictures was where you could find some of the most talented and creatively-costumed go-go dancers and aerialists performing throughout the night. If you were able to bring your jaw off of the floor from those performances, you would likely find yourself taking advantage of the free photobooth available for guests to use which had a really fun and scary surprise at the end, leaving you with some pretty funny faces and photos to enjoy. And in between it all, there were two very scary but also very funny clowns scooting around on roller-skates and photobombing guests’ photos. Honestly, all of this would have been more than enough for my friends and I to walk away satisfied and so happy with our night. Fortunately, Nova doesn’t stop at mere “satisfactory” and there was plenty more for us to sink our vampire teeth into.


The DJ was playing some of the most dance-worthy tunes and the bartenders were pouring some of the best drinks in town (per usual). So as we found ourselves taking advantage of it all, we continued to walk around and enjoy the eclectic mix of guests and costumes surrounding us. At one point we found ourselves dancing with a group of ghostbusters and at another point I had Freddy Krugar challenging me to a dance-off (I think we all know who really won that one, but I’ll leave it to your imagination). But finally, the point came to crown the king and queen of gools in the costume contest, and the votes were nearly unanimous. A foxy lady with fury ears, creatively applied makeup, and a bushy tail won the female prize and the elaborately masked blue monster that we’d noticed following us around all night inevitably took the crown for the male prize. The winners were happy, the crowd was happy, and I was more than happy to have had a chance to experience it all.


I’d say we kicked this year’s Halloween off the right way and with quite a flare because Novaween 10 was even spookier and much more entertaining than my guests and I could have asked for, and it was intelligently planned for the weekend prior to Halloween weekend, leaving plenty of room all of the unavoidable million Halloween party invites we can each expect to come our way the weekend of. My guests were in awe of Nova, we were all floored by the intricacy of the event’s planning details and entertainment provides, and we had the most fun getting all decked out for it and showing off our childlike imaginations with it all. Thank you, Nova 535, for providing St. Pete with yet another 5 star party for the books. See you at Nova Noel 9 on December 8, 2016.


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