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Voted as the Best Gym and the Most Innovative Business on the entire Bay Area. You may have also seen us on the Hit TV Show The Doctors where we showcased our technology. Currently we have been busy working towards preventing muscle atrophy so NASA one day can get our astronauts to safely colonize Mars!

From our experience we’ve found that people today face 3 main problems in regards to staying healthy. Firstly, we live in a fast-paced world where finding the time to work out is now harder than ever. Secondly, we live in a convenient world which makes eating nutritional foods so difficult when the unhealthy stuff is simply an arm’s reach away. And lastly, we live in an impatient world and most people just don’t get results fast enough in order to stay motivated long term.

At 4U Fitness we’ve got the solution. We solve these problems through our scientifically based workouts that save you time by only taking 20 minutes of your time TWICE per week.
We complement these workouts with easy-to-follow nutritional advice which accelerates results so our clients stay more motivated than ever before.

The reason why helping people become and stay fit is so important is because every 90 seconds one person dies from obesity. There are so many things beyond our control but this is not one of them. Obesity and obesity-caused illnesses impact almost every household in America, we can’t just sit back and let it happen.

We are the inventors of the No Excuses Workout Solution and we would love to meet you. Come make a change in your life that will positively impact every day of your future.

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