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The Body Electric Yoga Company

  • 3015 7th Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33704 Map
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  • 727-490-9361
  • Monday  5PM–8PM
    Tuesday  4PM–8PM
    Wednesday  4PM–8PM
    Thursday  4PM–8PM
    Friday  8AM–8PM
    Saturday  8AM–8PM
    Sunday  8AM–8PM

Our mission is to help you enrich your life. Our method is to make yoga accessible and fun without dumbing it down. Our classes are challenging, because we think that when you practice working through the tough stuff on the mat you’re better equipped for the real stuff of life. This is how we take our yoga out of the studio and into the world. Invite difficulty. Identify your weaknesses. Work on your reactions. Celebrate your strengths. Go ahead, we don’t mind.

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