RockShop Gives A New Meaning To Gems That Rock

Jewelry is weighted in sentiment. When a piece is gifted or simply worn, it is more likely than not connected to emotional reason, but the significance could be due to the occasion more than the particular item. In Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida there is a full-service jewelry store that creates and sells timeless works of art for you and your loved ones to enjoy for generations. RockShop (, located at 529 Central Avenue, is one of the first rare gemstone shop influenced by the essence of the shiny rocks and the rocks that roll.     RockShop_DTSP-14

Owned and operated by the beautiful couple Carlos and Christie Lopez, RockShop itself is as unique as the story behind the gems. With extensive education in jewelry creation and gemstone expertise, Carlos is the resident jeweler. While his studies took him around the world from Chicago and Manhattan to Nepal, Italy and Bali,  he always knew that he would open his own store. He and his brother TJ, who previously owned a vinyl record store, came up with the concept of merging music with gems (now that rocks!). With the obvious growing arts scene in Downtown St. Pete, the Lopezes chose to open up shop in 2014.

Carlos and Christie Lopez, proud owners of RockShop in Downtown St. Pete
Carlos and Christie Lopez, proud owners of RockShop in Downtown St. Pete

What makes RockShop worth the visit? First of all, Carlos creates almost all of the collections on display in house. (You can even peak your head in the back room and see him diligently producing the jaw dropping jewelry.) Taking the creations a step further, you have the opportunity design a custom piece. Using 3D-CAD technology, once it is sketched out, it will be printed for you to view and try on. With a full gallery of gemstones to choose from and great skill in designing and understanding someone’s needs, RockShop is sure to fabricate a piece for you to treasure forever. One of the biggest lots to choose from in the store is the stunning Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, which they have one of the largest selections in Florida. Recently, mining has ceased for this particular stone, making it particularly rare, so now is your time to add this gemstone to your own personal collection! RockShop_DTSP-6

With Carlos’ travels, his designs certainly have life, but they also brought that aspect into the shop itself. RockShop has culture and is not sterile like other jewelers. Besides the apparent elegance of the museum quality statements, the atmosphere makes RockShop unique. Perhaps it is the natural energy of the stones that makes it comfortable and cozy, but any visit to the shop is quite relaxing.


“Gemstones have healing properties that can really calm or make someone’s day,” Christie explained with a genuine smile on her face. (She is right; RockShop always makes my day and apparently others’ as well. During our interview, there was a lady who walked into the shop and proudly said, “I bought some diamonds here for my son’s wedding and I love them!”) Even if someone is not interested in the jewelry, there is various art on the walls and music for one to explore. One more thing, you will get to meet Carlos and Christie’s babies, Biggie and Jasper!

Jasper and Biggie, will welcome you when you visit RockShop
Jasper and Biggie, will welcome you when you visit RockShop

Carlos and Christie Lopez did not think that they would be able to journey this far with their business in such a short period of time, but with an amazing support system of their family and the locals of St. Pete, the two have been able to follow their heart and establish a delightfully successful store in the heart of downtown.

Carlos and Christie's family are proud of what the two have accomplished. Here they are with Carlos' parents, Carlos and Colleen, and his brother TJ
Carlos and Christie’s family are proud of what the two have accomplished. Here they are with Carlos’ parents, Carlos and Colleen, and his brother TJ

Do yourself a favor and stop into RockShop next time you have a chance for a great shopping experience. Tell them that sent you and give the shop dogs a good pet while you are browsing. Create a profile here online and post a photo onto Downtown Now – we can’t wait to see what piece you purchased to enjoy for generations!


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