St. Pete Lives up to Nickname with SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival

As a local or visitor, it has probably become apparent to you that our Sunshine City likes art. Big art. Big, building-covering, impossible-to-miss art. And it is, at least in part, because of this art that St. Pete has enjoyed a recent resurrection. Art inspires. Art provokes. Art causes people to think and change and question the life around them. And perhaps, just perhaps, art is the catalyst that is transforming St. Pete from one of Florida’s old, forgotten cities to the bustling cultural epicenter it is still becoming. Enter: SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival – public art project.

From September 1 to September 12, St. Petersburg will host SHINE, a not-for-profit public art project, intended to:

illuminate the power of art in public spaces by revitalizing areas, inspiring dialogue and uniting the community – while cultivating new standards of artistic excellence and reflecting St. Petersburg’s creative and vibrant spirit. 



SHINE will turn St. Pete into an open-air museum curated with live murals and street art from local, national and international artists including:

There will be two sides to SHINE: out and in.



  • Tuesday, September 1: Community Mural Project at The Amsterdam
  • Saturday, September 12: ArtWalk and Trolley Tours


  • Saturday, September 12: Leave A Message – Group Art Exhibition at the Morean Arts Center

Video: Leave A Message, 2012

  • Saturday, September 12: Group Art Exhibition at Bloom Art Center
  • Stay tuned for more SHINE events to be announced!


As with most arts-based initiatives, the power lies within the people who create it and support it. And this is where you can come in. SHINE is looking for sponsorships and donations in order to make this incredible art project happen. Any artist will tell you that supplies don’t come cheap – especially when lifts and scaffolding are also needed in order to create larger-than-life pieces. Plus there is airfare, lodging, transportation, meals, and so on. SHINE is being run by a local All-Star team including team leader and superstar artist Tes One, the City of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, St.Pete Chamber of Commerce, Florida CraftArt Gallery, Morean Artscenter, NOVA 535 Unique Event Space and more!

If you’re interested in donating to SHINE, visit the link below. Any amount you can give will help the artists, planners and curators who are making this inaugural event happen.


Bonus: Your contributions are 100% tax deductible. Doesn’t it feel great to support the arts?

Follow SHINE on Facebook and Instagram to stay in-the-know about the event. The official hashtag is #SHINEonStPete. Let’s get everyone talking and further establish St. Pete as a go-to art destination.

For more information about SHINE including artist or volunteer opportunities, contact

People will be talking about SHINE far beyond September – primarily because the new murals will become additional points of interest on tours, like the popular St. Pete Mural Tour or just when out enjoying the city. But most importantly, SHINE will be discussed because of its positive impact on the community. It will change the minds of those who oppose street art because they equate it to vandalism. It has been proven that the murals that currently exist in St. Pete have actually deterred wall tagging and other crude forms of graffiti. Because no matter the skill level, artists respect one another. And only a narcissistic idiot would scribble his or her call sign over a piece of fine art.

The abundant art scene in St. Pete – and the murals that are a part of it – only add to and illustrate the vibrant nature of our city. And perhaps, just perhaps, even the most highbrow collector will be disappointed that these pieces will be a semi-permanent fixture for everyone to enjoy. But hey, if Mr. or Mrs. Highbrow wants to throw money at something, SHINE would be happy to receive your donation.

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