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Sundial Movie Reviews: “22 Jump Street”

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Sequels tend to have bigger budgets and production values, which tends to translate into bigger and louder movies. These kinds of movies might reel in the money but end up leaving the audiences dissatisfied. This cycle is especially troubling when the first original movie  is a great one. I think there is a general consensus that “21 Jump Street” was a pretty good movie, right? Well in the next coming weeks, I think the general consensus for “22 Jump Street” will be the same. Most people will be saying that it was as funny if not funnier than the original. This is one of those rare scenarios where big budget equals big laughs.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are back as Schmidt and Jenko with the ever-intimidating Ice Cube as Captain Dickson. Having aged past the point of passing as high school students, Jenko and Schmidt are now going undercover in college. They must infiltrate the university circles to bust a drug gang. Does it sound just like the plot of “21 Jump Street”? Well it is but don’t worry, everybody involved in the movie is aware of it.

“22 Jump Street’s” greatest strength is its self-awareness. At times it can be outrageous, but the characters know what they are doing is outrageous, so it ends up being outrageously funny. We get to see the things we enjoyed from the first movie again except this time around everything is bigger and louder, but everyone in the movie is in on the joke. Basically it turns on its head the idea that for whatever reason audiences want to watch the same thing over and over and over again. “22 Jump Street” gives the people what they want and at the same time mocks the Hollywood movie cycle of recycling films.

I can’t forget to mention that Jenko and Schmidt’s bromance is the glue that holds this bloated comedy together. If we didn’t care about those two, then the whole mocking self-aware scheme would have fallen apart. Thankfully Hill and Tatum are as charming as ever and their on-screen relationship is something that we can’t help but care about. I also have to give credit where credit is due. Jillian Bell, from Workaholics, as Mercedes chews up scenery in the funniest way possible. She’s one of the many pieces of this puzzle that contribute to making this one of the funniest movies of the year.

If you love something let it go is generally wise advice. However, in this case you shouldn’t let it go.  You should go watch its sequel and love it as much as the first. If you can’t find humor in a movie that is mocking itself for ever having been made then I’m not sure what will float your comedic boat.


Rating: Awesomesauce AKA Seriously, It’s Awesomesauce

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