Thomas Paterek applies his SPF15 to DTSP

Thomas Paterek applies his special brand of SPF15

SPF15 (St Pete Florida in 15 minutes) is a funky local podcast featuring some of the most interesting movers and shakers in the area. Kicked off nearly a year ago (2015), host Thomas Paterek peppers artists, entrepreneurs and politicians with deep philosophical questions mixed in with an array of fun and cheeky commentary. Interviewees include Mayor Rick Kriseman, The Studio@620 Owner Bob Devin Jones, Artist Ya La’Ford to name a few well-known Downtown St Pete (aka DTSP) game changers.

mayor-rick-kriseman-spf15-thomas-paterek Thomas Paterek applies his special brand of SPF15


Why did you start SPF15?

When I was working in Brooklyn a few years back, the podcast scene was exploding. There was so much amazing content being produced in such a unique unfiltered expression. I’ve also been a huge fan of “Humans of New York” for quite some time, so I figured why not bring that concept, a’ la podcasting to the local area. The response has been amazing. I’ve had some of the most enlightening conversations with people in this area and the podcast has grown a cult following of listeners.

humans-of-new-york Thomas Paterek applies his special brand of SPF15


Most fun interview?

They’re all fun in their own right, but I’d have to go back to sitting down with Bob Devin Jones. I swear this guy is Jesus Christ reincarnated. His wisdom, calming demeanor and just overall honest voice is second to none. Probably one of my favorite people I’ve ever had the chance to meet.

bob-devin-jones-studio-620-dtsp Thomas Paterek applies his special brand of SPF15


Anything bright on the SPF15 horizon?

October 7th  (2016) we’re celebrating our 1 year anniversary at Station House in downtown St Pete. All of our podcast interviewees will be in attendance, as we’ll be conducting a social experiment that will be similar to a speed dating concept, but way more fun. Right now we’re expecting over 500 attendees, live music, art and free beer… I mean you can’t beat that for a Friday night in the Burg. [Swing by and introduce yourself to Thomas Paterek!]



Outside of SPF15 how do you connect with St Pete?

Oh man.. I try to keep myself really plugged in to the things that I love. And not just by attending socials or liking things on Facebook. I believe that community connection is really driving the conversation and pushing for fundamental change. I was a founding member for the Suncoast Surfrider Foundation and currently sit as Chairman. We’re doing some incredible campaigns for the local area, most notably our Rise Above Plastics Campaign, reducing and eliminating single use plastics and styrofoam use. I currently sit as President of the Crescent Heights Neighborhood Association, which is surprisingly a really fun role. We’re about to kick off a mural project where we’ve received a grant from the city to paint two huge walls in our neighborhood. I sit on the leadership council and am a big for Big Brother Big Sisters. Act as the Marketing Chair for the local millennial focused conference called Engage StPete. Just started and own a branding agency called Stevie & Fern. Most importantly, I’m the father to my son Kojak, the current Mayor of Crescent Heights. It sounds like a lot, but when you surround yourself with great people, who have a similar vision for your city, this is more play time then work.

Thomas Paterek applies his SPF15 to DTSP


Words of advice?

Stop dreaming and start living.

Thank you so much Thomas Paterek for your time and dedication to our great city of St. Pete. We here at appreciate your hard work and positive efforts, keep up the great work!

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