St. Petersbark - DTSP - 2016-1-2

Wag Your Tail Into St. Petersbark

Chances are that by now you are paying attention to the ingredients in your food. Whether it is store bought or homemade, people are finally becoming conscious about what is served on their plate. What about when you purchase your pet’s food? Are you aware of what is on the label? Just because some pet food have the fancy word “premium” printed on the bag, does not mean that it is 100% natural and actually beneficial to your fur baby’s health. No need to worry though! Downtown St. Pete is home to St. Petersbark – your source for all-natural, high quality dog and cat food at prices for all budgets. Located at 2435 9th Street North, this place is a must-visit if you have a pet that you adore and want to keep in tip-top shape.


Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

St. Petersbark - DTSP - 2016-1-2
Happy customers at St. Petersbark in Downtown St. Pete. Bow-Wow!

In May of 2014 Krista Schmidt, a Georgia Tech gal who always dreamt of owning her own business, began making dry, single ingredient dog treats out of her home in St. Petersburg, Florida. The yum-yums were a direct reflection of her own nutrition beliefs: healthy, non GMO and using as many local resources as possible. She began selling the St. Petersbark dog treats at the St. Pete Indie Market to see how folks would react and respond to her product. It goes without saying that people absolutely loved them (and DTSP adores Krista, too. She’s like a sweet, bubbly cartoon character!).

St. Petersbark - DTSP - 2016-1-2
Krista Schmidt (pictured right) with her 5-star team, Lacy and Molly, at St. Petersbark in DTSP

Shortly after, in 2015, Schmidt discovered the perfect brick and mortar location for St. Petersbark right down the street from historic event venue NOVA 535 in DTSP. This pet store stands out from others because it stocks different brands than the big-box and independent stores in the area, which brings uniqueness to the already charming shop. Krista and her staff are knowledgeable on all of the products and genuinely care about helping their 4-legged customers. Rather than going to the vet over and over for your pooch’s health issues, try chatting with the gals over at St. Petersbark – they are here to help!

St. Petersbark - DTSP - 2016-1-2

Schmidt shared a story with as she reflected on the journey of St. Petersbark. One of their very first customers popped into the store just a month after opening. This particular pup had a case of Chronic Colitis, which is bacterial overgrowth in the colon. The poor dog was constantly miserable and her human wanted to help, but did not know what to do. St. Petersbark to the rescue! Krista recommended a natural food and supplement regimen for Roxy. Now, over a year later, Roxy has not had to take antibiotics or medications and is waggin’ her tail again and keeping her human happy!

St. Petersbark - DTSP - 2016-1-2
St. Petersbark in DTSP offers all-natural pet food and grooming products to keep your pooch happy and healthy

Although it is retail, St. Petersbark offers obedience and first aid classes, vet bus and Saturday nail trim. You can check out their online store for treats, merchandise and to sign up for classes.

St. Petersbark - DTSP - 2016

Do Fido or your little feline a favor and give him or her a healthy diet by heading over to St. Petersbark in Downtown St. Petersburg. Say hello to the adorable owner, Krista Schmidt, and her awesome staff for us here at! Remember, we only share the 5-star places to go, best events, and unique personalities to meet in DTSP. If you want to find out more things to do (such as visiting St. Petersbark), be sure to create a free profile. Post your fun photos on Downtown Now to share what you are doing and how you are enjoying your day in the Sunshine City.

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