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Z Grille some of Z Best Brunch Lunch and Dinner in DTSP

Z Grille some of Z Best Brunch Lunch and Dinner in DTSP

(Z-Grille is unfortunately Closed)

Z Grille is owned and run by husband and wife Jennifer and Zach Gross, Zach is a James Beard nominee. What’s a James Beard nominee? According to Wikipedia, “The James Beard Foundation Awards are annual awards presented by the James Beard Foundation for excellence in cuisine, culinary writing, and culinary education in the United States.” Being nominated for an award like this is similar to the Heisman, you’ve gotta be REALLY REALLY good to get nominated. And Zach is that good. What’s unique about Zach is that his menu offers combinations of foods and tastes that you may never imagine, yet always enjoy. His famous Dr. Pepper Ribs, the amazing deviled eggs that can even make a guy (me) who made 1000s and 1000s of deviled eggs at John’s Pass Liquors and Deli during college (and swore never to eat them again) try AND ENJOY deviled eggs again after 2 decades, plus so much more to enjoy; check out the all of the deliciousness on their menu.

Z Gille restaurant is a beautifully designed, modern restaurant, with beautiful artwork from another DTSP local superstar, Chris Parks of Pale Horse Design.

Located at 104 2nd Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701  727.822.9600

Hours of Operation (as of December 2015):
Mon – Thu 11:30 am –   9:30 pm
Friday        11:30 am – 10:30 pm
Saturday   11:00 am – 10:30 pm
Sunday      10:30 am –   3:00 pm (Sunday Brunch)

Z Grille interior photo from Google virtual tours
Z Grille interior photo from Google virtual tours

Z Grille DTSP

When my good pal from University of South Florida days Olivier is here visiting from the south of France, we always connect to grab a bit to eat and catch up. Of course there are many new restaurants in town, a few of them truly excellent, many good and many to be avoided. That’s the focus of DowntownStpete.com, is to highlight on ONLY THE BEST OF DTSP. No need to make the mistakes and get the short end of the trial and error stick, we’re featuring only those business that are consistently 4 to 5 Star excellent. And when your good friend is French, and a seasoned world traveller, your dinner choice better be Magnifique! The thing about great restaurants, like Z Grille, is that you KNOW you’re going to have a delicious and unique meal. A meal that, even if you tried, you couldn’t replicate at home. So we enjoyed a few cocktails and laughs and settled in on dinner. Their ribeye steak is one of the best in town and Olivier’s salad was incredible.

Z Grille DTSP

For a beautifully decorated, modern, hip restaurant, and great bar scene (with amazing cocktails!!), come out to Z Grille for a delicious and unique lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Say hello to Zach and Jennifer and tell them DowntownStpete.com sent you! Enjoy!!

Z Grille website photo of Chef Zach
Photo from Z Grille website of Chef Zach
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